Once Seasons Journal #40

Childhood… this is most of wonderful time in our life… Kids can enjoy life without anything “but”, kids can have fun “just because – it’s fun”…. kids don’t need a reason for smile… kids can find positive everywhere..


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Once Seasons Journal #39

Sometimes I think my time, which I give for my kids, it’s absolutely nothing. I wish to be with my boys 24/7… but, like all working parents, we can’t be with kids all the time. Even at weekends, we always have to do.. lot’s of homework, lots of different things, like – cooking, cleaning, preparing food for school and work.
And when we stoping to do this all “everyday must to do’ – we enjoy our time with kids, we really enjoy, because we want to give them more, we want to reading not one book per day,  – two-three like minimum, we want watching TV together, not just listening about what they watched before without me.. and more, and more like this…

When I have days like this, I’m feel very proud of my boys, they so clever, and so independent.. may be because of “our busy life”… may be it’s not so bad.. and even on the contrary..

Working Time  Free time..

Today Artur tell me lot’s of new thinks, lot’s of new information and he absolutely confidence what about he talking, he knew, he learning, and he spend his time in right way!


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Once Seasons Journal #38

What are usually healthy mums cooking? Of course, one of very important dish it’s soup! My favourite always was Borscht! But, here, in England, i’m not so often cook borscht, because, nobody doesn’t like this “soup” like me.. Thanks god! My oldest after visited Ukraine – ask me to cook the same Borscht like cooked my mom))
So, here go. I do my best! 20170302_195507And what we eating for desert? Some homemade delicious GlutenFree, DairyFree and SugarFree Chocolate mousse! Just couple ingredients, very easy, and very yummy!IMG_20170319_080458

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One more baby


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Autokarna and Motor Show


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January outside


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Winter Wonderland at Belton House


This year we choose to meet Santa at Belton House, Grantham. Boys enjoy conversation with Santa Claus. I love this tradition, when every place have magic around!


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