“Mathemathics is the queen of the science” – Carl Friedrich Gauss

To help remember these, try writing them over and over until they stick or put them up around your house.


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Harry Potter lover


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Birthday.. one more Party!

Hooray! One more year +, one more birthday party..

This year mum was very busy at work, we not planning any Crazy Party, but still have the fantastic Family day.


Boys enjoy they birthday cake, also they get presents actually which they wish.




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Gluten Free kitchen.


I’m so surprised, how good is new Jus-Rol Gluten Free Puff Pastry sheet which I find at Sainsbury’s  


Easy to make anything that does you like, and very yummy as well.


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Kitchen storage update


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Once Seasoning Journal #43

26903702_1659867197407150_2878335670554361867_nOnce, when your child reading the story for you, this will make you more than happy.

We get amazing day today.

Planned visit  Pediatric Clinic shows, that my oldest boy growing up very fast.

The little bit bigger than 5 months ago.
+ 2 kg ))
In June hi was 126 cm tall. Today- 128 cm!

26733898_1659867670740436_909676964257748692_nAfter visiting the doctor, we still have plenty time for some shopping and couple of tea.

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Once Seasoning Journal #42


Batman and SpiderMan typical Sunday Morning.

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