The soon… very very soon..

This year I will do everything early.. Because I always late.. always..

Now.. I already ordered lots of things for Christmas.. And one of very important – evening before Christmas..


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Halloween 2015

Cool traditional celebration of Halloween. This year we was choose Hurry Potter and Dracula costumes.



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Summer coming soon!

Summer is coming. We can’t wait when we remove all jumpers, coats, and heavy shoes :)

There some new things for school look.


And of course we waiting for holidays. last year it’s was very very hot summer. And I think in my list “Must have” this year should be many tank tops and light shorts..


  • Very comfy linen shorts from Next 
  • Vest tops from Vertbaudet 
  • Again some very light shorts from Vertbaudet too
  • Boys summer beach shoes from Bonprix
  • Couple trousers for evening summer from Next
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Halloween Party’14

This is the first year when we had a celebration of Halloween.

Children waiting for it for over a month, since as in the stores began to appear in the sale of pumpkins.
They are very happily greeted those who came to us this evening for sweets. And boys chosen for this Party costumes of their favorite heroes.

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One more baby.. Documenting Life

In our family there was Ewe clothe a child. Girl Alice.
Born on August 22. The breed – Husky.

63958_793158564078022_7850724763383509827_n 10610577_793158547411357_7678957073844227695_n

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Once Seasons Journal #36

12 October, 2014

Alex lost his first tooth.


Alex was worry about him tooth. The tooth in the mouth wandered more than a week. And finally – Alex was eating and lost them :)


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School Daily. September



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