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September 2016. About A.N. Junior

Part 1.

Arthur really like at school. He madly waited for the return to school after summer holidays. This year, very good news, the teacher to add classes of swimming in Y3, which I think is very good for the children of this age.
Now, once per week, our champion will going to swimming pool,  with the entire class.
In this regard, we have updated our wardrobe and added something special for trips to the pool.recently-updated1

1. Blue Flamingo Towel  2. Swimming Glasses  3. Blue Swimming Cap
4. Red Swimming Cap  5. Swimming Bag  6. Swimming Trunks

Part 2.

Arthur recently often watching the same channel on YouTube. Where the small kids go drive to the different supercars. He caught fire have the same as the Batman.
He found in Google –  #BatMobile and gave me, even a shop, where I can be ordered this for him.
It remains a little – buy this supercar.


Bat Mobile Go Kart

Part 3.

At the moment, this is the third wish in the last month. I mean, items in the wish list for Christmas  – not really changes,  Arthur just add every time new one 😊
We have already decided on the new bike. But it is not enough. Not suitable only one form of transport … need to have a few.
But bikes for boys – it must have!
It’s time to change their by their age, without additional supports and wheels.
And there are plans to go and ride them around the Sherwood Forest!


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Birthday Party


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Zorro’s Party coming soon…

At last couple month boys fancy Zorro movies. The favorite one is ‘Mask of Zorro’, and ‘Legenda of Zorro’ with Antonio Banderas and Katrin Zeta-Johns .
And of corse, when I asked boys, which of superhero they choose for birthday Party – they both answer – Zorro!


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Easter Morning

Boys was talking all evening before Easter about bunny)) They can’t wait till morning, when bunny bring easter eggs. But finally, they get big surprise. Thank you Easter Bunny.







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One Sentence Journal #37


What I’m usually doing on weekend? BBQ with friends, shopping, rest, GYM .. ya ya.. But not today), On this week I had very busy..

New colour of bathroom – fantastic! And everything what I want  – just finish my painting. And handmade storage for many many toys around our house.


What mummy can do? Everything )) Yes, I can.. and I will. Just because I have lots of ideas, and part of them I try to make in real life.

I’m found really cool ideas from Pinterest, how easy and without spend N money you can make compact and usefully wooden toybox..

I get couple of wooden boxes from farmer, which originally  was used for vegetables)) A and I made super quick “under-bad toybox” for my boys.



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School Life.. Liturgy Y2

Arturs today was talking about Books.. He is choose one about Paris.. Very good choice)
He very like to be part of any school activities. He always keep practising all he’s words before Liturgy.
We are very proud of you little boy! You always doing amazing!

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