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Learn reading. Activities for kids.

Artur  knows the alphabet for a long time, ever since from nursery. But when we started to teach him to read faced with a certain problem. Because calling the word letter by letter – this one, and put the words … Continue reading

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Art & Crafts. Activities for Kids.

Hello Mrs. Rabbit! 🙂 I found his amazing idea from Amber, in her lovely blog – From ABC to ACTs. We make this crafts just little different.. because my boys already older.. and I make this job for they with … Continue reading

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Play Room [wish list]

Cushion perfect for children’s room. This online shop have differenet cushions, and very colorful Tables & Chairs I like this chairs, its fantastic. And my boys like them more. Book end before I make this post, I was sure, I find perfect book … Continue reading

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Day by Day. My sweet boy

Arthur a lot to learn. slowly, gradually, but every day I hear from him new words, expressions. School gives much for my boy. And he is willing to learn to write. Yet we learn to write his name. And he’s … Continue reading

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Button! Button! Who’s got the Button!

Today, under the heading “Playing usefully” or “What to do with your child during the cold season” 🙂 We have a lot of draw, sculpt, paint .. but it has recently been our favorite pastime. We create beauty. Of buttons, the usual … Continue reading

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Wish list for Toddlers

Toddler toys by simona-lee on Polyvore It is time not only for the beautiful and fun toys, but also for learning. Ideally, this is when the child is like the game and it is something to learn playing it. By … Continue reading

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Fun Time #4 {Messy}

Draw the boys really like it, they can do this indefinitely. While we have no specific topic of drawing, but only from a lack of attention to this. So many works can be found on children’s creativity and artistry. We’ll … Continue reading

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