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Once Seasons Journal #38

What are usually healthy mums cooking? Of course, one of very important dish it’s soup! My favourite always was Borscht! But, here, in England, i’m not so often cook borscht, because, nobody doesn’t like this “soup” like me.. Thanks god! … Continue reading

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Home Restaurant Journal #3

The most favorite dish is potato pancakes for the boys. By this we taught the grandmother,even when we stayed in the Ukraine. Now we have a tradition, every week I cook them their favorite pancakes. delicious when you eat them with fruit and raspberry jam. And after – warm milk with honey. Mmm it’s yummy.

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Home Restaurant Journal #2

I am very liked the idea of Busy Mum We have created this miracle .. and you know – the children were terribly Interestingly eatthose little hotdogs. Arthur could not understand how it was put in a sausage spaghetti ..:) It’s funny. Watching them was fun.

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Home Restaurant Journal

I like to cook, but it’s quickly boring when you do it every day and when your children don’t appreciate what you cooked. I try some new recipes which I find in cooking book. I began to cook when I … Continue reading

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