Halloween Party’14

This is the first year when we had a celebration of Halloween.

Children waiting for it for over a month, since as in the stores began to appear in the sale of pumpkins.
They are very happily greeted those who came to us this evening for sweets. And boys chosen for this Party costumes of their favorite heroes.

1463931_795088483885030_2737934596820392500_n 1480718_795088360551709_6411372412956524756_n 1511909_794726990587846_1819941840925892051_n 10376299_795088283885050_7696502152400212233_n 10406491_794726950587850_2289216964621177427_n 10639587_795088320551713_6758596196285235004_n 10712817_795088460551699_711584215711143340_n 10734245_795088250551720_4499351614370389963_n

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2 Responses to Halloween Party’14

  1. czielske says:

    Hey! That bats look AWESOME!

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