Back to School Essentials


That ended in the summer. Vacations are raced as a short weekend. And we are ready to fight again))
School – this is one of the most important places in the life of a child. Maybe important as the home . After all the time they spend there very much. And all they can do parents – is to provide them with comfort for everyday life a school.

There are some things without one, I believe we not will be ready to school.

Something  small, like details.. but anyway very important .. for me))


  1. All Aboard set of 12 colour pencils with sharpener Lovely set of colour pencil. Very compact and usefully.
  2. All Aboard multi pencil case. Thant for my younger boy, who never ever not close set like number 1 ))) and all the time he lose few pencils 🙂
  3. Monster heads lunch bag. There one more item from my favorite shop, where you can find everything for School and College.
  4. Storage Boxes. Actually you can find them in any shop like IKEA, or WHSmiit.
  5. Pure Bottle. I like them, not just because it’s lovely designer, this bottles free from plastic.  Healthy and very practical of use.
  6. Lunch Box notes. You can find lots of idea for lunch box notes or strikers at Pinterest.
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