Day by Day. Visit to doctor.

Alex felt bad the last few days. For no reason and catarrhal symptoms he was rising heat. We decided to check whether he had a virus or infection.
Visit to the doctor as usual does not pass noiselessly. While we are waiting for their turn – they decided to have some fun in the waiting room. Besides, it looks like the only one public place where the did not have time to remove the the Christmas tree 🙂

060114xArthur seems to have tired of waiting and all the time reminded me that after the doctor, we go to TeskoF 🙂



Doctor as usual nothing intelligible could not say. Gave me a choice, as in a lottery game. I Do you want write an antibiotic, if  do not want – drink of paracetamol. I scold myself all the time that I go to them, listen to the same information. Knowing that at the before the doctor says. But still going.
But I’m glad that we have recovered without antibiotics, and Alex on the next day after taking paracetamol – all simptomes gone.

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