Day by Day #1

I really realized that it is very important to keep every moments, even it would seem not important moment in the life of our family. What now seems usual, many years later – seem to us very important.

So I hope to be able highlight regular time each day to note, even if it is once a week, but I will try to write and take pictures of everything that happens in our little world. Small – but very lovely.

Such a way the of Project Life – in my very busy life, receives a second version, more on my quite easy, but no less interesting and important.
Project 365. Then what do I start – it was the last day of the previous year, we can say even border – past and present, has arrived in 2014.

My boys are the sweetest in the world, welcomed the new year with a cute little girl – daughter of our friends. Merry Company, children’s laughter, which does not stop. The evening was lovely..:)

2014 - 1 (4)


Every time I watch them as they with love and relate to other kids, I understand that this is the main indicator of the fact that our boys are brought up in love. And this is most important thing!

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