Button! Button! Who’s got the Button!

project life-001Today, under the heading “Playing usefully” or “What to do with your child during the cold season” 🙂 We have a lot of draw, sculpt, paint .. but it has recently been our favorite pastime. We create beauty. Of buttons, the usual buttons. And we are not bad at it!

Buttons of. First you, when the kids are still small, we have them all diligently hide)
Later, when our kids are yet growing up, this is an indispensable tool in the hands “of interest to all” children.

Just a year ago, we just laid them on the colors could stick on the sheet of paper blind from plasticine buttons and fun, but not being understandable))
Now here we can proudly say that we are able to create beauty. Of course with the help of mother, well, where do without mummy!

buttons1Ideas on this subject, a million and more. When I first saw the by chance on the album craft – made ​​of applique buttons – it inspired me so much, that began to look more and found .. Found, dived and forgot myrself) I just drew myself choking already in the brain that we are blind, considered how many millions of buttons I need to buy, and how much beauty we can make.  And We did. We started with a simple but no less interesting. We made letters which now proudly stored in frames behind glass, and decorate the playroom.

button233In this of course we will not stop, and shelf with buttons, in our local small craft-shop soon emptied. Ideas are many more. Especially since Christmas is coming, so we will sculpt and Christmas tree too))

buttons2For those who are interested in the topic how to take of children and yourself 🙂 Especially if you grow a little princess. It’s so much beautiful and interesting things you can make. Ideas for making a lot in the site – Pinterest for the tag – “buttons”.


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