Fun Time #3 {Crafts}

How many interesting ideas is there to share lessons with the children. And most importantly, that every new idea – to do something together, the children very much. . Recently, we proudly presented from the garden – painting pictures with all the kids, including a picture of Arthur. I am interested, what with every passing day, more and more guys like paint, glue, sculpt .. We have collected a decent collection of children’s work. That is quite right to claim the show!))

Nice and funny get .. the idea came about when Alex scattered contents of the package with the pasta in the kitchen ..

All that is needed – a clean sheet of paper, glue, and paint ..

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2 Responses to Fun Time #3 {Crafts}

  1. messy paint! it does look like a lot of fun! the pasta idea is cute.

    • Glamour says:

      Thank you..Yes, I like this..and every day, we have more lovely ideas))

      P.S. You have nice blog..

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