Fun Time #2 {Creative art}

What would children do not get bored, and did not mess .. Needed to take them to an interesting case. And what can
be interesting for toddlers, as creative works! The child not only learns to work with their hands, hold the brush / pencil – but gradually teaches a variety of colors, their names. Children are so creative. They see a very different what we adults think – the usual. What a nice, and properly said a mother – “Give the children the freedom to creation. Does not inspire them with your stereotypes. We teach our children from childhood the “correctness”. The sun should be yellow, grass green one .. but why are so many mixed blue and red?? O_o

Because. . Because that the child draws, as he likes, then he do not care what he painted, not what was expected of him to see. He just draws.

Everybody has their own talent. And to see what your child is talented maybut not by imposing his own methods.

After all brilliant – made quite familiar to us by.
The first time I allowed the kids to take a brush and paint while in the house. I was afraid of
that will be painted everything except in paper:)

Once again, Mom underestimated their boys. They are beautifully painted, very carefully. They are both was liked the idea .. What is the next drawing lesson will be more a grandiose ..


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