Fun Time #1 {Library}

So many times I was going to to join the our library, and all the time on more important things were.
But as often happens, decide to do something spontaneous.
So today we walked with the boys .. had a great day.
And then on the way home – gone, registered .. read a book .. put on the ears of the entire library in general .. fun. What I am very pleased that our local library, a huge range of children’s books.
A special wing in the area – for children. Where is nice. And plus to all – staff conducts children’s Story Time.
Today we were the only audience. However the guys for a long time .. did not have listened to a couple of stories – and ran to run the library.
For them, this new facility, a new environment. To keep them was difficult. And explain that the library – it’s not a game room – even more difficult. But we are definitely going to go to Story Time.

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