Learning at Home {Vol.2 Toy Guide}

As I wrote earlier, when it comes to children’s development, I prefer the wooden toys.. Our collection of toys home, there are many beautiful and entertaining for children. Not all of course, they are developing a series, and those that teach something. But mostly, I prefer this helpful games.

What can be considered useful toys for children aged 2-3 years?

They are the ones who teach children something new. These are:

  • words / terms, which they still do not know .. For some of these include all sorts of books for toddlers. Pictures with the image not only objects but also actions and events. 
  • Alphabet / numbers .. There are many kinds of toys for learning the alphabet and mathematical symbols. I prefer to teach children to play with wooden blocks, puzzles. It’s much more interest the children, rather than flipping picture books. But for a change, we teach and the first method, and the second one.
  • The songs and cartoons. No matter how else that affects the memory of the child. They tend to catch on the fly and remember what they like best. Arthur perfectly learned all the numbers from 1 to 10 .. with the song. And after we began to consolidate are other methods.

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