All about Alex

Alex 2 years and 2 months. Not so long ago we visited the helf visitor. She insists that the children in him two years are already grown-ups talk. And in our case, neither Arthur or Alex had not yet spoken sentences. Alex repeats many words, says what he wants. But I do not think there is a bad is that he does not say intelligent suggestions and do not read poetry in his two years.

Alex likes to put wooden puzzles, and after we bought the next new puzzle with numbers, he began to repeat after her brother, who already knows how to count to 10.

You are copy me?

Alex repeat all of what we do, everything what we say, but only what he sees fit.

Alex said – “sit – sit” and shows her finger on the table (this is we have such a game) Asks him to open the door or crane vofoy in the bathroom – “otky

Boy likes to wear sunglasses on his forehead and make a smart kind of person. So he puts on airs – is calling on the phone, read the book or look in the drawing pad. Business))

Not so long ago, I learned the boys to remove the dishes from the table after dinner. Now this exercise gives them so many positive emotions .. They sometimes even quarrel each other over who will take the plate to the kitchen.:-)

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