Project Life ‘2012 / week #6

Probably it was the most amazing week of the year. When there were two seasons together. Earlier this week, were still drifts of snow, and smell of morning frost. And by the end of the week have already appeared snowdrops in our garden.
We have finally organized all the toys .. made the remark and put them into a corner, identified as a result of an entire room for all those toys. Truth the guys out there do not really like to play in room, just 10-20 minutes, then again, all being dragged into the living room, closer to us.))
This week, we’ve made together nicely small scrap book, children took an active part in this creation.
What is most like the boys, that mom gave them without resistance into the hands of glueand scissors (child of course) ..
In general, we had a very active week.

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