Learning at Home {Vol.1 Toy Guide}

Yes, I’m one of “those mums” — the kind that see toys as needing to have an educational value, the kind that prefers wood over plastic, but I am going to slightly contradict myself with my first “toy” recommendation:

1. iPad/Laptop

This might be completely against any kind of Montessori or Steiner philosophy, but to be fair, when those methods were originally founded this kind of technology didn’t exist. I truly believe that in today’s society it is just as important to be computer- and technologically-literate as it is to have numeracy and literacy skills.

And yes, I’m aware that like television, numerous organisation do not recommend children under 2 years old use computer games and apps and go as far as saying that there is no education value in them. However, I would have to disagree.

At the moment, laptop, iPhone daddy’s, and my Galaxy – these are the most favorite toys.
They certainly has their laprop, but they play them less often. And then when the above listedare not available.

At the moment I’m thinking .. I’d like to buy a birthday party at the Arthur children’s pad. One such is looked after – LeapFrog LeapPad Ehplorer. But I think that it is still too small for him.there are quite a clever device. For children  from 4 years old.

2. Animal Flash Cards

These flashcards, like his Very Hungry Caterpillar book, are beautiful. Some of the animal choices are a bit odd —what in the world is a Quetzal?— but they’re great practice for animal names, letters, and for Johnny and I to practice all of various animal calls.

3. Creative expression Art Easel and Twig Crayon Set

The boys love to draw. Especially Arthur. Alexander has not quite understand why this isand how it’s done. he likes just throw pencils. ))

And again, I plan to buy in the near future more and Standing Art Easel. And as soon as the warm spring grant us – the boys will be able to paint in the garden.  wooden art easel is a great place for your child to enjoy art. Making art is a wonderful way for your child to express themselves and interpret how they see the world. Scribbling, drawing and painting help your child learn to think creatively, which is great for school work later on. Using their hands for all kinds of art helps your child gain strength and precision, which are excellent for dressing and writing. Creative expression is also a good way for your child to enjoy positive self-esteem, and creating artwork is enjoyable.

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