Bye bye bottle

After over 2 years of using a baby bottle it’s time for us to say goodbye, well Arthur and Alex decided it was time to say goodbye. The way I much prefer things to happen, it’s ok for us to say no more but for him to say it shows how much he is growing up. We’ve had such a routine going that it just hasn’t been a thought in our minds to change it. Simple, is not an easy decision, I took the other day. Thinking about what the boys are old enough and all of his peers that we know – long drink from cups. But we still can not succeed.

All because I was afraid that kids stain carpets and a still learn to drink from the cup itself.

But at one point it really hit me .. that everything that makes no – do not put off indefinitely,but just take it and do it.

In exactly the same way as Arthur refused the nipple, he helped this dad. Without any persuasion and long process to unlearn – he just took it and threw the trash in the nipple.
Similarly, we have done with bottles – just dumped and replaced them with beautiful children’s cups.
The boys took a huge passion – each for their own. And what surprised more for me – they have long been ready for it, just do not have to be afraid and stop them from drinking from the cup itself.

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