Once Seasons Journal #13

Completely broken down mode of the day in children. Arthur may have already grown to the age when he need to sleep during the day and daytime sleep in his very rare. But there is an advantage – he falls asleep in the evening before, although later in the morning before everyone wakes up ..
it seems he is ready for nursery))
Alex looks at her brother, and tries too as he does not sleep during the day, but it is still very small for this. And often he can not hold out until the evening. Just been asleep from exhaustion, the body requires a child ..))
As often happens, that will fall asleep in his chair – when watching cartoons .. And it is no longer naps, 5-6 pm ..
And then – put before midnight – just not possible ..

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One Response to Once Seasons Journal #13

  1. Katy says:

    So sweet… he really like a diamond in the sky :))

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