Project Life’12 / Week #3

Here .. As always late, but made ​​up for just over two weeks ..
Only by making the magazine thought that the coolest time – now. The most sensitive andinteresting age children – this is when they are, how-to understand everything, but not all speak ..:))
Awesome watching how they do little mischief, look in your eyes – and continue to maketheir own. And Alex has a viper smile on his face appears – they say I know that it can not be done .. but really want ..)))

The two weeks flew by – as two days ..
Here and there .. Time flies is not noticeable, especially when you’re fully immersed in theirproblemma, care, and business, business .. business… OMG.

Come on they .. Anywhere they will not disappear .. And kids grow up and I’ll be sad to remember what they were small and very best, though sometimes assholes .. or more))

I personally like to thank to those who still come up with such a project. It’s like writing a book about my life .. And even more interesting. In the rush of day we do not pay attention to all the little things around us, and that are so clearly visible to us, and eventually erased from the memory into a powder.
This book would I call “My every day” or “My best moments of every day” ..
How wonderful to realize that it is very important – laughter, any first or even conscious butnot the first spoken word, the details that surround us, our home, the weather outside the window at this point .. It’s all gone from memory – but will remain a project called Life .. or the book of life, as you wish…
And how damn cool it is to look through, especially when it’s all probably erased from ourmemory in powder ..

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