Best photo.. for best teacher!


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Tommorow Alex have last day at Pre school. He growin up, and now he aldery to go at school. But we never forget his first teachers. We very love them all.

Thay give for boys everything.. love, time, care… Thay teach not just letters and words.. Thay teach boys about life.. about everything what he naw know..

There, just small “thanks” for our best teachers..


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Mini Graduation. Big Day..


Our Jenny! It’s best teacher in the World. We love you Jenny! You was second mum for our both boys. Many thanks for you! We never forget you!

There some video from Mini Graduation in 18/07/2014

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RAF Show in Lincoln.

It’s was brilliant day. Boys so Happy and exited. We have lots of photos, there some from this day.

DSCF0280 DSCF0322 DSCF0326 DSCF0343 DSCF0350 DSCF0355 DSCF0430 DSCF0433 DSCF0446 DSCF0449

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One photo … More words..


My boy.. He so fast grow up.. He ebery day tell me something new ..

Few day ago.. he telk with me so clever)) It’s make smile on my face.

I was little angry, becouse Alex make messy.. And Artur said:

“Mum, not shouting to Alex.. (bla…bla..bla) – *he is english more better now like my, and I lots of words do not understand :)

And finally – “Mum, just think about what you doing, right?!” :)

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Take ride on the Train..

Since I passed the driving test, we always goes only for cars. Boys all the time asked me to ride them on the train. But as usual it did not have time, becouse on car ever faster.
And yesterday, they finally persuaded me. We went to just walk to Lincoln city, and decided to do an it train.


10455924_726928097367736_1285566529505972495_n-2 10458882_726929500700929_3895069804351483650_n 10478664_726929150700964_2031001176490798729_n 20140628_145700 20140628_145723

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Play Room [wish list]


  1. Cushion perfect for children’s room. This online shop have differenet cushions, and very colorful
  2. Tables & Chairs I like this chairs, its fantastic. And my boys like them more.
  3. Book end before I make this post, I was sure, I find perfect book end for children’s books. But now, I was update.. Look. it’s fantastic, coloured, and very nice book end.
  4. Towels. If you want to find the same, or different, you can look at the Etsy..
  5. Carry Caddy Storage. For my little boys. They like art, and it’s really what we need.
  6. Table lamp IKEA I like this small mushroum )) But you can find lots of lighting for kids room at the site – Not on High Street.
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