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Once Seasons Journal #35

I love autumn! It’s perfect time for outside activities. When it’s not so hot like summer, but still warm and nice weather.

Yellow leafs every where.. beautiful time..


DSCF1788 DSCF1801 DSCF1810 DSCF1848 DSCF1852 DSCF1883 DSCF1920 DSCF1924

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Once Seasons Journal #34

Nothing can ruin a good holiday, even rainy weather.
We are planning a trip to Lincoln in the early weeks. Alex had to buy a new lunchbox. Since I do not like the fact that Alex has repeatedly complained  pain in stomach after school lunches.

lincoln3There are most of lovely place in Lincoln. The Old church. Nearly this church – have a little park..with very nice grass and trees.


And there are our favorite shop – everything for school/college.

Artur was show me travel case – “Look mum, it’s great lunchbox for Alex” :)


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Once Seasons Journal #33

Again.. Every day the same.

Wake — breakfast — school — work —school — dinner..…reading books.. go to bed. :)

20141001_152251 (1)Some times we have little bit different time. We can play or learn something new. But lots of time spend for “everyday needs”. Tat’s why I like organization. It’s make your life more easy, and you have more time for family.


And when I have more time..I can make my house more better :)


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Arturs reading Peppa Pig story.. from Simona Lee on Vimeo.

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Look like autumn coming :)


Here so lots of things what you can do outside, when autumn coming.

We wait for autumn, we love autumn (of course, not rainy :))

yellow color – it’s autumn, fresh air – it’s autumn, gold leafs and beautiful sunny days – it’s autumn.



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Learn reading. Activities for kids.

Artur  knows the alphabet for a long time, ever since from nursery. But when we started to teach him to read faced with a certain problem. Because calling the word letter by letter – this one, and put the words of these letters – it is another.
On this on the advice of the teacher, we teach the letters are not as they are pronounced in the alphabet, as well as pronounced in the word.
For that would teach how to add letters to words and read them without any problems, we started with the simplest of words.
And made ​​them this game..

20140921_103507I found lots of ideas about learn reading for kids at Pinterest.. and another moms blogs.

I make self cards with words, and make colorful pictures. Letters we make self as well.

It’s easy..

And now, Artur very like this game. He try to found each letter, make words, and try to read all word.. not just spell.


One more game.. “Colored Blocks!”. Actually, my boys do not have any problems with colors. They know each color, and his game very easy for them.

But this very good idea, if kids do not know colors very well, and make mistake when try to build colored blocks.


About learn reading we should start from short words.. it’s more easy.. words with three or four letters are easy to learn and learn to read. And after that, you can complicate our task.

To be continued..

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